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It Is What It Is: Even If Kirstie Alley Were A Giraffe She Would Still Have A Weight Problem 07.Jun.2008

It's what inside that countsBut rather than send her off to In-N-Out Burger in shame, the herd would take her into the fold and nurse her back to health. What the Jenny Craig folks did to Kirstie is disgraceful.

Isn't their program supposed to be catered to the individual client? Or is it designed to only produce temporary results, and once the client gains back their weight they lose interest? They thought Kirstie was making them look bad? Shit, if I was shopping for a weight loss program one look at the way she ballooned again and was summarily dismissed would send me running for Weight Watchers.

Kirstie has been painfully candid about her weight issues. She starved herself for years, ate diet pills, whatever it took to keep herself unnaturally thin. Her body and her metabolism finally rebelled against the forced starvation and began stockpiling against future starvation, which is a normal physiological reaction. Food issues are some of the hardest to overcome: You can't quit food. You'll die. You have to relearn healthy eating, and the older you get, the harder it gets. Oh, and where is Kirstie's beloved church now? What, they don't do weight control? Or have they already cleaned out her checkbook?