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I Hope This Blind Isn't About Who I Think It's About. Is Iron Man Back On The Rock? 19.Jun.2008

Downey circa 2005Oh, El, you break my heart so. But I know your sources are good, as are your hints. I can't think of who else this could be; if anyone reading has any good guesses, leave 'em in comments.

This week's hottest blind item comes from Crazy Days and Nights: "To me, this one was a little heartbreaking to hear. This once troubled actor who has peaked and valleyed between A and C list his entire career depending on his drug use was thought to be clean and enjoying some big success once again. However, it is just that success that may have caused his most recent slip. Oh, he slipped alright. Twice is what I hear. Separate nights. The question is going to be whether it was truly just a slip or if this is going to be another long, twisted spiral downward."

Is it Robert Downey, Jr.? So many times I've had a mad crush on him - he was so good on Ally McBeal - only to be crushed when he crashed and burned. To see him enjoying blockbuster status with Iron Man seemed like the perfect ending. Has this newfound success and attention caused him to slip back into old, destructive habits? I hope not, but if he is, I hope he gets some help quickly.