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Hello, Henry! Minnie Driver Introduces Her Beautiful Son To The World Via Facebook 06.Oct.2008

Oh, Henry! Lookit those cheeks!!Nicole Kidman, are you taking notes? It was done her way, and on her terms. And it's a great picture - of his whole face. From close up, even. Besides, it's not like she needs the money to survive - Minnie was very well off before she became a star, and works only when she wants to. Must be nice.

Minnie has also held her head above the fray throughout her pregnancy. She chose to be a single mother, and likewise chose not to reveal her babydaddy's identity. He obviously had some good genes in there somewhere, because that little Henry Story is a gorgeous little boy.

Will Minnie ever unmask the mysterious man who made her a mom? She has been dropping some hints here and there, but she's obviously in no hurry. It kinda makes you wonder why, doesn't it? I hope it's just for privacy and not because she's got something to hide. I sure hope John Edwards wasn't in town. Or John McCain.