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Sarah Palin Knows How Big A Moose Is 14.Nov.2008

And as thick around as my leg!You might say she's intimately familiar with the bull moose and its bodily dimensions. You better have the facts to back it up, though, or she might sic Grampy on you.

So, what is the Republican scapegoat doing to pass the time these days? She's going to conferences. She's taking polls. And she's putting her fate in God's hands, because that's what she must do for Alaska and her country. How very noble. And about as sincere as a two-dollar bill.

Last week she was talking about a run for President in 2012. Today, she was a bit more realistic, setting her sights on the US Senate. I don't think either is a viable goal for someone like Sexy Sarah. She should (and I think will) get her own talk show. Until then, she will continue to annoy the hell out of all of us.