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How Predictable: Maniston Becomes John Mayer's Latest Booty Call 13.Oct.2008

A most conspicuous entranceYou heard it here first: drunk dialing does pay. Especially when you've got mad money and a couple of movies to promote.

Hey, it worked for Jessica. Remember when she was making those 1:00 AM booty calls to John's hotel after their tragic breakup? It was only when Daisy locked her in the dog run that she was able to break the habit. It's so hard to give up a guy with a big ... heart. (snicker, snicker)

So after numerous attempts to hook up with other high-profile single guys fell flat, Jen did the desperate deed - somehow she got Mayer to agree to a get-together. The pair was seen departing a private jet Monday afternoon at LAX, according to The National Enquirer. ? They were very lovey-dovey,? said an insider. ? They kissed several times and hugged each other tightly. John gave her a long, lingering kiss.?

We all know Jen can't keep a man to save her life. Or career. And John's been miserable since he can't get the paps to follow him around anymore. Did the two strike an agreement to play lovebirds while her movies are in promotion? It wouldn't be the first time she had to pay for it.