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Never Mind The Nose Job: Who Blew Up Ashlee's Boobies? 28.Aug.2007

What now, Jess? Could we be witnessing a bit of sibling one-upmanship? Ashlee gets her nose done and becomes the hot Simpson. Jessica, career in the dumpster, allegedly whacks herself in the nose so she can get her nose done and hopefully reclaim her place as the hotter sister. Not willing to yield the upper hand, Ashlee breaks out the big guns. Take cover!

Did Papa Joe put her up to this? Ashlee has never been as flamboyant as her sister with her curves, but I think somebody would have noticed a rack like that by now. My God, man, you'll put your eye out! Maybe Papa Joe is behind the whole sibling rivalry thing, and is playing one against the other in the hope he can get them to wrestle in a vat of jello. He can play promoter, ticket agent and manager to both, and finally have enough for that condo in Vero Beach he's had his eye on.

What will Jessica do next? I hope she doesn't get another eyebrow lift or restylane lips again. The last time she had work done (right after her divorce) it made her almost unrecognizable. Same with Ashlee's work, except that anything was an improvement over the old Ashlee. Poor Jess needs to learn how to leave well enough alone.