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The Lohan Chronicles: Riley's Learning His Place, But Is Lindsay Huffing Tang? 04.Nov.2007

Orange you glad I'm back? Maybe she's adding it to the bong water for maximum vitamin absorption? Aww, lighten up; I'm just kiddin' ya. Lindsay's been doing a good job, but with random drug tests, a live-in sober companion and no driving allowed written into her contract for Dare To Love Me, and a moratorium in every bar in town against serving her alcohol, she really doesn't have much choice. She's been keeping busy taking tango lessons, shopping, spray tanning and lip plumping.

Riley's back from his outpatient stint at Cirque Lodge. He must be brighter than he looks, because she's already got him trained to stand back so she doesn't have to share the spotlight with him. A certain lesbian friend taught her how to set up photo ops and broker (whore) herself to the highest bidder, and she's been doing well with that lately. She just needs to lay off the peroxide and spray tan though - she looks like she's pushing 35 instead of being only 21.Mentor and protege