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Is Kate Moss Pregnant? Guess She's Not A Nephew After All 13.Nov.2008

Do these look like expectant parents? At first I found it hard to believe (bloody unLIKEly, even), but think about it: she has a daughter, Lila Grace, who's about 6 years old now. And who lives with her grandmother most of the time, while Mum's off shooting pictures and eightballs. Oops, did I say that?

Why, yes, I did, which is why I found the idea of Kate being pregnant kind of hard to swallow. She and her Kills front man Jamie Hince have had a rocky relationship, too, with several separations (and by association, most likely some fierce make-up sex). She just doesn't seem madly in love with Jamie like she was with Pete Doherty.

Another baby wouldn't be the end of the world for Kate. Her Top Shop line is selling well, and she's still getting tons of lucrative modeling offers, but at 34 she's practically a senior citizen by runway standards. Maybe it's time for her to hang up her hat ... and go put on a bra.