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Hayden Panetierre's Parents In Drunken Fistfight, Hayden Lashes Out By Shedding Underpants 11.Aug.2008

From SUV to street in one leaping boundThere was a time when she knelt down next to her dog and we all saw cute little girlie briefs, but I haven't seen a pantyline anywhere near that high, tight ass since then. Hey, sometimes it feels good to go commando, I know, but never in a dress ... unless you're prepared to make a pretty strong statement.

Hayden's mom and dad went to a Hollywood party last night, where they proceeded to drink like hillbillies and brawl like sailors on shore leave. Apparently Hayden's dad felt he was "disrespected" when he saw his wife chatting up Clint Eastwood's son. There's no word of a public row, but once they got home apparently they took off the gloves and duked it out. Mom Lesley called 911 and had Dad Alan taken to the pokey. The hoosegow. The big house. Where he was held until Lesley came and bailed him out.

I've got to hand it to Hayden. She's held it together despite her parents' best efforts at living the vida Lohan. Lesley has always struck me as a White Oprah type. Is Alan another Michael Lohan? Time will tell. In the meantime, Lesley has had second thoughts and has decided not to pursue charges against her husband. Makes you wonder how many times this has happened before that we haven't heard about. There is no such thing as an isolated incident of domestic abuse.