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Britney Spears, Defensive Driver: Suddenly The Diana Comparisons Don't Seem So Far-fetched 17.Jan.2008

Y'all just don't understand meNor do the comparisons to Anna Nicole. But the intensity of the cat-and-mouse game between Britney and the paps seems to grow as her grip on reality gets more tenuous. Britney is under constant surveillance and chase by these people and it's out of control.

Last night cops saw an unruly mob of cars traveling at a high rate of speed in the Mission Hills area shortly before midnight - it was the paps chasing Britney again. She claimed that one of them tried to run her off the road, but couldn't identify which car it was. Four paps were arrested for reckless driving and had to post $5,000 each. Sound like a lot to you? Considering some photos can earn $15,000 and up, it's peanuts to these guys.

Lest you feel pity for Britney and her sad state of affairs, she both begs for and hates the media attention. She's miserable but it's all she's ever known, and for someone with no friends, it's better than being lonely, all alone in a mansion.