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Is It Drafty In Here? Welcome To The Big House, Phil Spector 10.Jun.2009

Will f**k for hairNow that's funny. Sad, pathetic, but wickedly funny. He looks like a turtle that got rolled for its shell. I hope he gets that dome shined frequently by his new roomies. Isn't it nice that he left it long in the back? Gives 'em something to hold on to.

Phil reported to the North Kern Prison Reception Center last week to begin serving his 19-year sentence for the murder of Lana Clarkson. Unfortunately for the hairless little misogynist, wigs are not allowed in the penal system. In his present sorry state, however, you can count on the system getting all kinds of penal (read: penile) with him.

Even that's too good for Spector, who spent decades beating and mistreating the women in his life. I'm sure the big boys on his cell block will be more than happy to return the favor. Oh, and I give the current Mrs. Spector about six months before she files for divorce. Expect to see Phil's deluxe hair accessories on E-bay within weeks. Look for them in the roadkill section.