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Trouble In Paradise? Nick And Mariah Battle Over Her Drunky Ways 30.Oct.2009

I don't have a drinking problemAnd things looked like they were going so well. Ah, balls; she never could keep help for long.

According to the Enquirer Nick and Mariah are fighting over booze, as in her excessive consumption of it. They say she's frustrated because she hasn't gotten pregnant (is this the same Mariah who swore she'd never have kids? ) and has been partying hard. Nick, on the other hand, is said to be fed up with cleaning up after her pudgy ass and bloated, pissy hangover face.

Will Mariah yield to her husband's wishes and become the homebody he longs for? Hmm ... I don't think so. She's probably bored and has more money than she could ever spend. She wants to live the good life, and I can't say that I blame her. She might have to find a compromise, though, if she wants to keep that well-trained lap dog at her side. And no, I don't mean the Jack.