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Jessica Alba Shows Off Her Gift-wrapped Coin Slot, Mastery Of World Geography 30.Jan.2009

Atlantic City never looked so goodAh, Sweden, Switzerland, what's the difference? You've seen one neutral country, you've seen them all. And what better way to deflect attention from your mediocre intellect than to flash your ass crack? It's genius. Sheer genius.

As usual, the Alba isn't making any new friends. First she called out Bill O'Reilly for the asshole he is - at least kinda. Of course he took it as a compliment, which only fanned the flames.

Then, she told a journalist to "be neutral - be Sweden" about giving his own personal opinion about the President elect. O'Reilly pounced on her, accusing her of being "misguided" about sovereign neutrality. Even TMZ jumped on the bandwagon, calling her a "ditz" and an "arrogant buffoon".

But Alba and her magnificent ass prevailed. With a little Wiki Jessica was able to prove that Switzerland was not the only neutral country during World War II, and she scolded her detractors for their "negativity and stupidity". Then she went back to beating Cash with the Swiffer. He forgot to take out the trash again. It's just so hard to find good help these days.