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27 Dresses Was Cute But Incredibly Predictable. 21.Jan.2008

Katherine HeiglThough seeing James Marsden smile is worth the $15 dollars. Plus Katherine Heigl is also a delight to watch. I love how they tried to downplay Heigl's looks by dying her hair a mousy light brown (thanks for the compliment Hollywood movie producers) but alas it is pretty hard to make the statuesque Heigl unattractive. I even read that the costume designers had trouble making the quintessential ugly bridesmaid dresses for Heigl because her figure is so great and she looks good in everything. Man, you could just kill her coulnd't you? Marsden (finally in a lead role where he doesn't have to wear sunglasses to cover up those beautiful eyes) and Heigl are really funny as is Judy Greer who always plays the best friend but the part of the sister (played by Malin Ackerman) has absolutely no redeeming qualities. As for the typical musical montage it was cuter than most and the sex scene was pretty cute. I recommend it for just seeing the most hideous bridesmaid dresses ever. Katherine Heigl and James Marsden in 27 Dresses