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Xenu Family Vacation: Take Your Kid To New York For A Little Gummi Dick 16.Mar.2011

Needs a raise and a vacationOh, somebody's gonna be audited for this. Somebody's gonna be audited inside out. I can understand a child being spoiled; every parent can be indulgent from time to time. But even the most spoiled child needs to hear "no" once in a while, especially if it's for their own good, or it's something that can have ramifications.

Take the case of Katie Holmes and Suri in Manhattan today. I guess Suri was craving sweets and Katie sent someone to fetch some candy, but instead of bringing back Gummi Bears or Skittles, they gave her Gummi Penises. That's right. They gave a pre-schooler little penis-shaped candies. What kind of a store where they at that even sold these candies, and how could Katie, her minders, the nannies, security, all those people not realize what they were giving this constantly-photographed child to put in her mouth?

But what if it's not accidental? What if this is Katie's way of thumbing her nose at her stubby little hubby? Maybe they're renegotiating her contract and she's holding out for the big bucks. Hell of a sticking point, those gummi penises.