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The Tale Of The Shlomi And The Tongue-eating Prostitute: Look What The Sham Wow Slap Chop Can Do 02.Apr.2009

I don't think Billy Mays has anything to worry about these days. Once a promising upstart and challenger to Billy's gadgeteering empire, Vince Shlomi has become the Chris Brown of the infomercial world.

This whole story is some weird shit. Seems Vince and a working girl named Sasha hooked up in a South Beach hotel room for a little bam pow (rhymes with Sham Wow). Somehow, their signals got tragically crossed: Vince paid her $1,000 for some sexy times but when he kissed her she tried to bite his tongue off. He claimed he had to hit her to get her to let go. Either she's got the jaws of a pit bull, or once he got started he couldn't stop.

The cops were called, but because they were both reeking of booze there were no charges filed. The cops took most of the money Vince paid Sasha and arrested both of them for felony aggravated battery (he was pretty banged up, too), but prosecutors declined to formally charge either one.