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Kate Moss Boozes Up, Gets Randy With Big Black Rubber Dick 17.Feb.2011

I'm back, bitches. Did ya miss me? I'm not as think as you drunk I am Oh, that Kate Moss. She's in it to win it, always down for last call, partying like a rockstar - but she always looks sensational in her shots. Her career has survived sordid love affairs and humiliating drug scandals, and she's still at the top of her game. She goes from haggard to haughty in the click of a frame, a true supermodel.

Lately Kate has seemed to be settling down a little bit, what with her impending marriage to Jamie Hince, but girlfriend still knows how to have fun. The News Of The World has a story about Kate's recent drunken visit to a sex shop, where she alleged groped and fondled a large black sex toy, and even bought nine different ones to take home. No word on who she'll use them on, herself or Jamie, but he looks like an accommodating kinda guy. I'm sure he'll be fine.