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What Is Up With Robin Thicke And Rihanna? He's Married, But It's Ok, They Share. 22.Nov.2007

He's done this beforeWhen I first saw these shots for GQ, I was stunned. This spanky shot, in particular, is effin' hot! This made me curious, so I did the google on them and found out some really interesting stuff.

Robin is married - not to Rihanna, silly - but to a woman named Paula Patton. Paula is apparently quite outgoing with her other lady friends, who are often invited along for dinner and fun. It is said that Paula married Robin for his show biz connections, and in turn he's digging the threesome action, so who's to complain? As long as she's playing with other girls and not guys, he's fine with it. And he's not alone. Their dynamic of the successful marriage - she gets to play with her lady friends, he gets to watch and play along now and then - has grown increasingly common in Hollywood. The plaything is often pretty young, but this girl isn't even old enough to drink in a bar. Between these sexy shots and the lesbian grinding pics, it looks like someone is growing up way too fast.