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The Piven Gets Served! Broadway Doesn't Buy His Fish Tale, Mercurial Exit 19.Jan.2009

Maybe Mommy will write me a noteOh, please. How can you say you were too sick to even stand and then hit the beaches and clubs all over the world? I mean if you're going to call in sick, at least have the common sense to lay low for a little while. Don't leave the entire cast and production of an ongoing show in the lurch and then whore it up with anything that moves. Those you ditched might have it out for you, and Broadway's memory is much longer than Hollywood's.

The producers of Speed the Plow filed a grievance against the little quitter after their team of doctors examined him for evidence of his unusual malady. There are no reports on their findings, but one would assume they had to have some kind of grounds to file the grievance.

As the grievance was filed with Actors' Equity, I'm not sure what can happen to the Piven should it find he bailed without cause. He's obviously not cut out for the more strenuous world of the stage. He's not the first television or film actor to realize he didn't have the chops for it; he's just the first one arrogant enough to believe he can diss a contract run and fade out like a rock star. I hope his next bosses get that asshole insurance the Plow guys wished they'd had on him.