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John Mayer Tossed To The Curb For Being Cheapskate, Selfish With Heart And Seed 22.Aug.2008

Suddenly that Friends remake doesn't sound so badI really don't get it. You'd think Maniston would be used to be paying for it; why should this time be any different?

Like a typical Casanova, John Mayer continues to heap praise and kind words on his former f***buddy and meal ticket, Jennifer Aniston. And like a typical bitter middle-aged spinster and chronic relationship killer, Jen is

Amid reports that Jen was tired of his media whore ways comes additional news of Mayer's emotional immaturity and refusal to commit to a lifetime of financial subservience and immediate fertility treatments. She wanted marriage and babies, stat. He only wanted to be a tabloid queen. If she took him out for dinner he called the paparazzi to meet them. If she sent a car to meet him at the airport, he'd opt to walk so he could talk to reporters.

And so it's back to Lonely Beach for Jen and golden showers for John. It's probably best it worked out this way; Norman and Daisy were thisclose to making him an eunuch.