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And The Epic Battle Of The Fight Between West Coast And East Coast Shows About Rich Kids With Problems Has Started! 20.Sep.2008

Jessica and ShanaeFor the last 20 years the California kids have dominated television.

Starting with BH 90210 (the original), Malibu Shores, The O.C., Laguna Beach, The Hills hell even Saved by The Bell but now New York has stepped up to the plate with the ever-popular Gossip Girl.

Those kids not only drink but they are going to go to Ivy League schools as well. Beat that Silver from 90210! And now Penn Badgley of Gossip Girl, he who compared his cast to Greek gods, said the girls on 90210 should eat a hamburger real soon. That is absolutely true but still Penn.

Let's see how good Gossip Girl is in two years and also you may be sounding a bit jealous since 90210 is already the number one show on the CW!the gossip girls