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Drew Barrymore Is Not Very Nice To The People Who Love Her, Especially When She Drinks 05.Aug.2008

Drew in daisiesI thought Drew Barrymore was supposed to be sober; she blew up like a Lohan as a teenage and did the rehab thing more than once. Drew reportedly feels that she can control her drinking now - and that's scary. There's no such thing as controlled usage to an addict.

The National Enquirer had a story about how Drew broke Justin Long's heart when she abruptly dumped him recently. He even dropped out of a film he was scheduled to make with Drew because he couldn't stand to be around her. The guy's a wreck. According to the Enquirer's crazy good sources, the two had words when Justin "gently suggested to Drew that they both slow down on the drinking" and it was all downhill from there.

She's not terribly kind to her buddies, either, although she is smart enough to be tactful about it. In an interview with Look, Drew gushes about her friendship with Fish Lips but claims to be "wiser and a bit less naive than she is." This from a woman who couldn't stay married longer than three months ... twice.