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Carrie Prejean, Porn Queen: Do As I Say, Not As I Do. I Hope She Washed Her Hands 09.Nov.2009

Diddling for dollarsOr hand, whatever the case may be. I haven't watched the video and don't plan to, so I cannot comment on her technique.

Oh, how the preachy have fallen! Washed-up banged-out former beauty queen Carrie Prejean made a lot of enemies during her brief tenure as Miss California. She was arrogant, bigoted, self-righteous ... I could go on, but you get the drift. The Donald tried to save her crown, but she was let go for not fulfilling her contractual obligations. After a bit of back-and-forth, Carrie and the pageant people sued each other, she for defamation and about a million bucks, they for the cost of a shitty set of boobies.

When it was time to negotiate, Little Miss Homophobia strutted into the meeting with her nose in the air, and the pageant people let her have it with both barrels: They played a little video for the group, a little soft porn clip of a pretty young blond pleasuring herself. Carrie tried to deny it was her, but the camera panned up and removed all doubt. Oh, did I mention her mother was there, too? Tee hee. Anyway, the little hypocrite settled for $100,000 - just enough to cover her legal fees. And now she can crawl back under that rock she came from. Loser.