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Good Enough To Bed But Not To Wed: Will Eddie Bail On Leann To Save His Career? 09.Jul.2010

If I keep buying him things he'll stay ...I wouldn't put it past him. He strikes me as supremely self-absorbed, and things aren't going the way he thought they would. They're not going the way Leann thought they would, either.

It happens all the time. In the rare case where a cheating husband actually does leave his wife for his mistress, things seem to change - suddenly that good time girl isn't so much fun; she actually starts sounding like a ... wife. Takes all the fun out of it for some.

According to Star (via Celebitchy), Eddie's ardor for Leann has cooled recently, especially since he got canned from CSI. With her divorce final, Leann's ready to settle down and start birthin' babies, but Eddie's still smarting over the bad press their careless fling created. She's reportedly giving him until the end of the year "to come around"; I think she'll be replaced long before then.