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Meaningless Confessions: Aniston And Mayer Were Over Before The Oscars. Suddenly Spinster Seems Too Kind 05.Apr.2009

There she is emoting againPhony baloney bitch. I hope John Mayer tells the world about every dirty little secret they had, including pictures. It would serve her right for playing everyone for a chump and pretending (badly) that she was happy and in love. She's a lousy actress - as the picture shows. He was far more believable.

And now she wants us all to believe that she's cool with all that, and doesn't really want to be married anyway. Why is that? Is it because she realizes it'll never happen and she wants to seem above it all? Or is she sick of stupid guys cutting into her spa time? No, it's just that she feels no one can fill Brad's shoes and she just can't get past that.

She's not ready to throw in the towel on motherhood, though. According to OK!, it's what she's wanted more than anything since she was a little girl, and just because she can't keep a man doesn't mean she can't buy a baby.