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Are You Ready For The Deep End? 21.Jan.2010

The Deep End castFrom the reviews so far it sounds like one big orgy with some law jargon thrown in. It is the perfect lead-in for that other orgy show that features medical jargon. And it is the perfect alternative if you don? t want to watch a bunch of hot young girls have sex with really hot but 100-year-old vampires. Anyway, the show premieres tonight and as we saw with Life Unexpected? s high ratings on Monday night, society is in desperate need of the mid-season replacement. The Deep End features a relatively unknown cast including cutie Matt Long, Tina Majorino, Twilight? s Rachel LeFevre, Norbert Leo Butz and of course, Billy Zane, who will forever be that arrogant dude with anger management issues from Titanic. All the young lawyers on the show encompass the typical personalities of the human emotional spectrum: the ladies man with a heart buried under layers, the idealist, the smarty pants with no courage, the spoiled rich girl and the slut who sleeps with married men. Basically what can you take away from it right now is that everyone will sleep with eachother at some point and someone will say ? Erroneous!? For a while there it sounded a bit like The Wizard of Oz until the slut part. The show premieres tonight on ABC at 8/9 Central. And don't forget to watch Private Practice at 10. It looks like, because she said it, Naomi and Sam's young teenage daughter is pregnant and Mommy is not happy. Plus she probably knows on some level that her best friend is totally gonna get it on with her ex-husband. Who would divorce Taye Diggs? Like honestly?