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Nicole Is Still Pissed About Joel And Lindsay, Even Though He Wouldn't Pork That With Benji's Giggle Stick 14.May.2008

Such. A. SLUTBAG!C'mon, Nicole. You know better. He loves you ... and Harlow. He wouldn't give that up for anything, especially something so banged up and infested.

Maybe not, though. A new mother has major self-esteem issues: she just watched herself almost triple in size and now she's got all this extra skin. (It does spring back, by the way.) She's sure her babydaddy no longer finds her as sexy as he used to, and maybe they even fight over it. He goes out for the night while she decides to stay home with Harlow, and BAM! The blogs are overrun with pics of Lindsay hanging all over Joel ... and Joel looking rather flattered by the slutty attention. Witnesses say that he even had his leg over hers at one point, but I don't know. At least I hope not. The Richie-Maddens are just too cute.Joel, Nicole and Harlow