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Is Angelina Jolie Ted Casablanca's Fake-a-la-ferocity? How Very Dreadful Indeed 25.Jun.2007

Before hot man and kidsFirst, let me say that I am a huge Angelina Jolie fan - hell, the whole Brangelina clan is my second favorite family. Some days my first. That's why this story left me speechless.

EOnline's Ted Casablanca's most recent Blind Vice column was about Fake-a-la Ferocity, a Hollywood goddess who does it all - movies, endorsement deals, charity endeavors - and always looked flawless doing it, until recently. Everyone around her, including her "hunky man" are shaking in their shoes as they watch her wither away. According to Ted, the reason for Fakey's deterioration is heroin addiction.

Could it be true? She does have an alleged history with drugs - it was rumored that it was an interest she shared with Marilyn Manson - but I just can't see a guy like Brad Pitt tolerating that. I don't care how whipped he is; he loves those children and would never let any harm come to them. Hell, you can see she loves them just as much, so it doesn't make sense. Yes, she's lost a considerable amount of weight, particularly in the last year or so. Yes, she looks tired all the time - but she's taking care of four kids, making movies, screening orphans, making mad monkey love with one of the world's hottest men ...

Hey, Ted, let's think about this for a minute. When, in the midst of 18-hour days and international flights, is she supposed to be shooting up this alleged heroin? And how come we don't see her stumbling around or looking wasted? Or getting strung out because she's gone too long without? Isn't that what heroin junkies do?