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Watch Out, Disney: Miley Cyrus Is Growing Up Way Too Fast. Dad Needs To Worry Less About His Highlights Before He's A Grandpa 23.Jan.2008

Hannah Montana gets friskyMaybe it's not as bad as it looks, but this girl is only fifteen. She's taking provocative pictures of herself in a teeny weeny bikini. She's touring cross-country with her on-again, off-again boyfriend. She's a huge star now, selling out coast to coast. She's also made her parents very wealthy - will they make the same mistake as Lynne Spears and let her run wild?

Like Jamie Lynn (and nudie girl Vanessa Hudgens), Miley is talented, no doubt about it. If she plays her cards out, she's got her whole career ahead of her; at the least she can be financially secure for years to come, if not her whole life. If left to her own devices, she's liable to fall prey to the same influences that countless other young ladies have. Sex, drugs, underage drinking ... Hollywood's got it all for the young set, and many adults are willing to look the other way when the underage partyer is the same one who's signing their check. Billy Ray needs to stop ironing his hair and start being a responsible stage parent. Lord knows he's probably pissed through his Achy Breaky Heart money.