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Two And A Half Minutes: That's How Long Charlie Sheen Can Go Without Hookers And Blow 29.Dec.2010

Hookers n blow, hookers n blow, I'm gonna get me some hookers n blowCharlie Sheen is at it again. Or, if you believe Radar's sources, he hasn't stopped partying since his blowout at the Plaza in New York last month. And really, why should he? He's got more money than he knows what to do with, he's off probation and no one, not even Dad, will tell him no. He's Teflon Sheen.

It's been a year since Charlie got locked up in Aspen for attacking his wife after a night of partying. Despite being caught with his nose in the snow repeatedly, Charlie has emerged unscathed. No matter how bad he is, he can do no wrong: His show is enjoying its highest ratings ever, the babymamas are all quiet, and he's got nothing hanging over his head. Hell, he's practically invisible to law enforcement.

Teflon or no, however, Charlie's got a lengthy history of beating on women when he's f**ked up. If he's using as much as people say he is, it's only a matter of time before he flips out again. Remember, this is a man who actually shot a woman once, and of course he got away with it. (It was supposedly an accident.) Then she married John Travolta. Seriously. Like most Hollywood brats, Charlie was born with his Teflon Sheen. That, along with a deeply ingrained sense of entitlement and "bosses" who let him run wild, is a recipe for disaster. I just hope he doesn't take someone else out when he finally crashes.