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Meet Lucia Anne, Mel Gibson's New Baby. I See A Little Braveheart 11.Nov.2009

I AM the golden ticket!Of course, this picture is cropped and rotated. Baby Lucia has not risen up to smite the non-believers. She's just a little gassy. She does look a lot like her papa, doesn't she?

These celebrity pregnancies sure seem to go quickly. It seems like just the other day Mel was all sugar tits and sunshine. Now he's a dad again - for the eighth time - only this time he wasn't around for the delivery.

According to Mama Oksana's Us Weekly spread, Lucia was almost a month early, and Mel was on the East Coast filming. Oksana was in labor for a relatively short eight hours, and the baby was already born by the time he made it back to LA. I'd say he wasn't in such a hurry - he could have chartered a jet. I'm sure he'll be a good father to Lucia, but I wouldn't count on he and Oksana having much of a future. She's only in it for the fame and fortune anyway.