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Long John Edwards Sex Tape To Have Big Surprise For Everyone But A Chosen Few 25.Jan.2010

I trip over it all the time!Huh. How 'bout that? Guess he really is a big tool. Or at least he has one, according to Gawker, who has a source who claims to have seen the tape of Edwards and mistress Rielle Hunter engaging in "several sex acts". At the same time? !?

This alleged tape, which no one seems to have footage of just yet, was supposedly the last straw for Andrew Young, the former Edwards staffer who loved his long-donged boss so much he took the credit/blame for knocking Rielle up. His loyalty was so strong (or the payoff was so big) that he even took the bitch into his house, with his own wife and children, to help protect the womanizing senator. It was when Young stumbled upon the naughty video that he decided he'd had enough and wrote a nice little tell-all that will probably pay more than all the diverted campaign funds he may or may not have received.

So ... John Edwards has a big penis. It's a shame that it's wasted on such a smarmy creep. In the meantime, Andrew Young's book is scheduled for release on February 2, and should be an interesting read. Also hopefully coming soon will be the results of the federal grand jury investigation into Edwards and his monkey business with the voters' money. I hope they indict the shit out of him. It's bad enough that his wife let him walk with a slap on the wrist; let's hope the government can do better.