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Rihanna And Josh Romance Heating Up. Wait! That's Not Josh. 08.Nov.2007

Not talking about umbrellasI don't think they're talking about anything with a dick. Can't believe it what you're seeing? Pinch yourself. Hard. That's another girl. A girl ... with boobies even! ... for Rihanna to squeeze while she grinds on her from behind. Hmmm. Wonder what Mr. Hartnett has to say about that.

Maybe things are not as they appear. I mean, Rihanna is only 19 years old, so she couldn't be as f***ed up as she looks in this pic. I mean, she's underage. In fact she's so underage ... she's ten years younger than Josh. He's almost 30 and she's still a teenager. That's lovely.

To be fair, I know nothing of this picture's origins, when and where it was taken or by whom. But I'm curious to see what her publicist says, if anything. With Josh's recent confession that his relationship with ScarJo was ruined by jealousy I can't imagine he'd like this. Will she say it's an old picture? They can't backdate it too much before it becomes a criminal matter. I bet RiRi ain't so gushy now.