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The Real Gossip Girls: Shiloh And Zahara Take The Mean Streets Of Manhattan 19.Feb.2009

The sisterhoodSuri better watch her ass. These two can one-up Cinderella any day of the week. Such style! Such charisma! Following closely in their mother's footsteps, these young ladies really know how to make an entrance. Just think, when Vivienne catches up it'll be just like Charlie's Angels.

The Clan Jolie-Pitt have camped out in New York for a spell while Angelina gets ready to film Salt, the film she snatched from little Tom Cruise. All she had to do was stand on her tiptoes and hold it over his head - he blew a hissy and ran back to church for more barley milk. He knows someday he really will be 5'10".

Maybe now that the golden family is in New York we might get to see more of the twins - they are adorable. While the girls work on a plot to unseat Suri from the peak of toddler fashion, Maddox will probably continue his multilingual education and plan for world domination and Pax will just kinda stand around looking puzzled. Brad and Angie are so lucky to have them.