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The New Alice In Wonderland Is Looking Pretty....scary 22.Jun.2009

Johnny Depp has gone madJohnny Depp has gone madI think the way Tim Burton has decided to portray these iconic characters would even scare their creator Lewis Carroll. Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter looks absolutely deranged and obviously the Queen of Hearts played by Helena Bonham Carter is suffering from encephalitis. In the last few years Burton has sometimes found his films being a little too weird. He has seemed to stray away from his masterpieces like Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas and made more films like Willy Wonka that are almost cartoonish. From the images we have seen Alice in Wonderland is looking more cartoonish though Anne Hathaway as the White Queen does look rather ethereal and apparently she floats. The film will combine live-action and stop-motion and CG animation, and then it will be transferred to 3-D. It is slated to come out on March 5.The Queen of HeartsAnne Hathaway