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How Did She Do It? Nick Lachey Finally Gives In, Proposes To Vanessa Manilafingers 05.Nov.2010

True love in the makingMan, I thought he'd never ask. Nothing against Vanessa, other than her incredible aptitude for annoying bitchiness, but still. Nick has talked about getting married again and starting a family from time to time, but never in the same sentence with the name "Vanessa". So what changed?

Maybe it was the wedding job. Last week Nick played wedding singer at the nuptials of a friend we've never heard of or seen him with. OK, we don't expect to know everyone who claims to be an actor. Anyway, Vanessa was pictured helping the bride with her hair and veil with a forced smile on her face. Did she finally lay down the law and threaten to walk if he didn't pop the question? I dunno; it didn't work for her last time.

Or maybe (cue the sinister music) they're taking a play from the Speidi playbook, staging a big wedding in the hopes of landing a reality show. I could see Vanessa doing it - it sure beats hosting the opening of the next Poconos hideaway - but Nick has already been burned that way. It may have even played a part in the demise of his marriage to Jessica. Speaking of, some say that Jess is "deeply saddened" by Nick and Vanessa's announcement. I don't believe it for a minute. I think Jess and Eric might have an announcement of their own soon, and I wouldn't be surprised if they try to top them with an engagement and perhaps a little bun in the oven. She has been looking a little thick lately.