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Add Elle Uk To The List Of Places Lindsay Is No Longer Welcome. Oh, And She's Going Bald 08.Aug.2009

Waste of timeThat's OK, though. Maybe she'll get more sympathy when she's begging for spare change at the local In-N-Out if her baked and blistered scalp is visible. That's what happens when you live on Red Bull and Adderall - eventually your hair falls out. For real.

Of course being jacked up on the closest stimulant 24-7 can also lead to erratic, unprofessional behavior, which has been the bane of Lindsay's career for the last few years. She can't keep it together to shoot a movie. Robert Rodriguez thought Rose McGowan was bad; he ain't seen shit until he sees how Blohan rolls. She'll bankrupt him with demands, delays, re-shoots and whatever other diva crap she can think of. And the movie will suck anyway.

As Lindsay's world continues to crumble around her she's always been able to count on a quick magazine layout to keep the drug money coming in. Sadly, even that avenue is slowly closing for her. The editor-in-chief of Elle UK, Lorraine Candy, took the almost unheard of step of publicly condemning Lohan's erratic behavior on a recent shoot. After keeping everyone waiting around for hours, Lindsay finally showed up and got the job done, but she'll never be asked back. Next stop, peep show!