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In Honor Of Christmas, Prettyboring Presents The Ghosts Of Coke Whores Past (and Possibly Present) 15.Dec.2007

I'll start a new fad!We always knew Paris and Lindsay weren't actually wearing the panties that they bought, but we always wondered what they were doing with them. Now, sadly, the truth is known.

Paris and Lindsay came across the curious garments while on a wicked coke bender last summer. "What are these? " Lindsay may have said. "Um, I take it up the butt for coke!" Paris may have responded. They each took a couple of pairs each, pulling them on anywhere they'd fit.

Unfortunately, in their hurry to cover themselves with these new exotic garments they knocked the mirror over and spilled the eight-ball all over the rug. "Don't worry," Paris might have said, "I learned this one from Mom and Dad." Paris grabbed her McDonald's coffee stirrer and laid down on the floor. Lindsay joined her and the girls took turns sucking blow out of the rug the 18 Chihuahuas use for a litter box every day. "Don't worry," Lilo may have said. "Mom will be over in a little while, and we can re-up with her then."