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Naked Submission: What Happens When Justin Timberlake Goes Out Without Big Jess Watching His Back 15.Sep.2009

I swear I'll f**k you up, boyI don't know exactly what happened here, but I'd say Justin Timberlake will not be so quick to accost paparazzi in the future.

Little man Timberlake has gotten cocky. He got used to walking the streets (or the sidewalk between the limo and hotel) with big lanky women like Cameron ("It Came From The Sea") Diaz and Jessica ("I Can Press A Volvo With My Ass") Biel keeping him safe from harm. He's made a habit of cursing, spitting and kicking at paps trying to get his picture. Get over it, twerp. You wanted the fame - they're just trying to feed their families.

But this time he had no musclebound mama to protect him. He probably got all pissy with this pap, and the guy just wasn't having it - he got all up in Justin's face ... and the bitch stuck his tail between his legs and slunk off into the hotel. What a baby.