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Headline Of The Week: Is Jennifer Aniston Happy That Courtney Cox's Show Is Canceled? 09.Jun.2008

Courtesy Huffington PostHell, you know that girl still isn't seeing straight. She hasn't had a rational thought since John slung her big bony ankles up around her ears.

But don't let deceptive headlines fool you. Courtney Cox tells reporters that Jennifer is happy ... and good for her! Unfortunately for Courtney, the good news fell short: her F/X show, Dirt, hasn't been picked up for a third season. I haven't watched it, but I hear it was pretty decent. Figures.

What will Courtney do now that she's filthy rich but unemployed? Simple. It's her turn to follow Jennifer and John everywhere they go, and climb into their bed for a slumber party when the thunderstorms get especially wicked. They better not even plan to go to the supermarket without making room for ol' Court; she can't WAIT to get all up in their shit. Best of all, David won't have to share his High Times with Jen anymore. He's sick of the way she Bogarts the bong.