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Evan Rachel Wood Is No Dita Von Teese. Marilyn Manson, However, Remains A Douche 17.Apr.2008

That is not flatteryDoing a good job there, freak boy. You had what appeared to be a good thing with Dita, but the drugs drove her away. The new one doesn't complain about any drugs ... either she's totally oblivious or she's doing them, too. It certainly would explain why she's still around.

While Evan Rachel kept herself busy trying to alienate the few fans she has left, she's also sinking deeper into the mire that surrounds her man. She's turning 20 this week and Marilyn is due to turn 40. Perhaps in light of those milestones he has decided to mold her into the shape of one who got away, and he sent her off to be remade. Now he's got his Dita clone of his very own, and this one isn't walking out any time soon.