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Leno To Take His Pity Party To Oprah. Couch-jumping Will Not Save His Sorry Ass 22.Jan.2010

"HE'S A DICK!"Sorry, but I've never been a big Jay Leno fan. He's too smug, too contrived, too ... chinsome. He's like that middle manager in the corner office who inherited the position and is just coasting and cashing the checks. I never thought he was Tonight Show caliber. Johnny Carson was not only funny, but he was warm, engaging, almost part of the family. I stopped watching when Leno took over. I don't think I missed much.

Since Leno's ugly little coup over Conan O'Brien, he and his pee-pee cock network have taken a bashing over ham-handed handling of the whole mess. No one will watch it anymore. They're going to wait and see where Coco pops up. To be honest, his Tonight Show wasn't on a Carson caliber either, but what the f**k; everybody loves an underdog.

Now Leno is trying to rehab his image - Page Six reports that Chinny the Chin has booked a spot on Oprah's big comfy couch next week. Jay's not worried about Oprah being rough on him, though. According to the source, they "love each other" and "talk constantly". Too bad he doesn't have the balls to trash-talk Coco back. That would actually make this interesting.