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Brittany Murphy's Mom And Husband Say She Didn't Do Drugs, Was Just High On Life 18.Jan.2010

High on lifeYeah, she didn't do drugs. There were just all those pills the doctors gave her. Brittany's mother and her creepy husband say there was nothing in the world wrong with her; it was the other people she worked with that made her look bad. It was Hollywood that killed their girl, they say.

I read shit like this and it just galls me. If there was nothing wrong with Brittany then why did she die at 32? If it was just a heart murmur that killed her, wouldn't that have shown up in the autopsy? I'm no forensic pathologist, but I grew up watching Quincy, and I'm pretty sure they give all the major organs at least a once-over. If her heart killed her, wouldn't they have just said so already?

Brittany's chronic drug use and erratic behavior were well known. By ignoring it while she was alive, and denying it now that she's gone, Brittany's family is doing her a grave disservice. Maybe if they just admit that she had problems another young girl in trouble can be saved from the same fate. Hey, if they play their cards right maybe they can get a book deal or something out of it. Hell, they've been selling her out for years; why stop now? And shame on People for pandering to their lying asses.