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How Much Is The Spears Family Paying Casey Aldridge To Be A Patsy? 26.Dec.2007

Slut JuniorA pretty penny, I bet. OK! Weekly is already committed to paying a million dollars for her baby pictures. For Jamie Lynn's sake I hope she got it in writing, because I've got a feeling she won't be able to give them away by the time she drops.

This week's Star magazine says that Casey is not the father of Jamie Lynn's baby. The dad, they say, is an older executive from her Nickelodeon show, Zoey 101. Casey is taking the fall to keep this older, probably married, man from serious prison time.

One person not surprised by this revelation was Ent from Crazy Days & Nights. He posted a blind item in early October that stated: "I don't even know how you define what list someone is when they are on some ensemble show watched by teens and pre-teens, so go with the above, and make her a female. Make her pregnant which is causing the producers to have a heart attack because they really don't need anymore scandals. But wait, there's more. One of the producers who is old enough to be her grandfather shouldn't be having a heart attack because of shock, because he is the one who knocked her up. New boyfriends are being lined up as we speak." Hey, I hear Spencer Pratt's available.