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Busted Ass Broke But Clean: Scott Storch Blew $30 Million On Coke In 3 Years 27.Apr.2009

Where's your buddy now, Scotty? That is his claim, that he spent that much on drugs alone. Ent over at CDAN was kind enough to crunch the numbers for us: That works out to about $250,000 a week, or $1,000 an hour, 24-7, for that three-year period.

Of course you know he wasn't alone. He had some major consumers as party buddies, most notably Greasy Bear Brandon Davis. I bet that fat f**k kept the party going, kept the tab running, all on Storch's bank. It was only when Scott finally crashed and realized his ass was busted that Greasy bailed on him, most likely taking anything that wasn't nailed down with him.

And where does that leave this once-cocky, now mealy-mouthed little loser? Well, he claims to be clean, which is good, except that he probably didn't do it voluntarily - he ran out of capital and detoxed by default. Storch says he's going back to his roots, to the studio where it all began. That'll be good as long as he doesn't go back to the bad habits that got him where he is today.