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Bobby Brown Finds Something Lower Than That Thing He Used To Do With Whitney's Butt 06.Apr.2008

Not-too-distant futureI mean, really. What else did he have left to sell? He gets locked up every other month, if not for child support than for possession. He's done the reality shows, the F-list public appearances, he'd even mud-wrestle with hairy midgets if you paid him. Only you'd be hard pressed to find a willing opponent, so reviled is Bobby.

What's left? Why, the tell-all book, of course. Yes, that dookie ball magnet and all-around coke slug Bobby Brown is blowing the lid off his "wildly dysfunctional marriage to the troubled, Grammy-winning diva, suggesting that she drove him into a nightmare of drug addiction," according to Page Six. That's right. Bobby was the victim in all that.

In addition to getting him hooked on coke and heroin, Bobby claims Whitney was only using him to combat lesbian rumors and maintain her squeaky clean image. He says he just got swept up in all that PR and politics, and just lost his pretty little head. I hope whatever he was paid for this piece of crap gets taken for child support.