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Denise Richards: Jobless, Denied Of Charlie's Sperm, Universally Hated, But Not Willing To Go Quietly 26.Aug.2008

You'll never be rid of me!They named her reality show "It's Complicated", but it really wasn't. Denise is just a nasty, spiteful, dirty woman who thinks nothing of her young children growing up in a freakin' sideshow, with cameras and reporters always chasing Daddy but not Mommy. They run from Mommy. She scares them.

It's been a suckish month for Denise. Her incredibly bad reality show was finally canceled, but that wasn't unexpected. Also not totally unexpected but equally devastating news came in the form of Charlie and Brooke announcing their pregnancy. It must be keeping her up at night, wondering how she can trump that. She can't, though. Charlie's saving grace is that he comes from Hollywood royalty - the Sheens are universally well-regarded and because Charlie grew up in a show biz family, he can get away with more than the average Joe.

So ... Denise is out of work, some other bitch used the sperm she still considered rightly hers and she can't unload the $4 million house she turned into a petting zoo/kennel/litter box. She probably won't go broke any time soon, but she's not about to fade into obscurity. I give her about three months before she's back in court again, tops.