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Dumped Again: Aniston Takes It In The Teeth Because She Hangs Around With A Bunch Of Druggies. Or So He Says. 08.Aug.2007

Maybe she should shave her head, too. At this point, it can't hurt. Should've had his babyAnd no, I don't mean Paul. Vince, maybe, but definitely not Paul. He's not a real dad type. Whether Paul Sculfor really was marriage material for Jen is somewhat doubtful. He didn't lack for female companionship when they broke up the first time.

And now it's happened again. Despite her best efforts, Paul has decided to end his relationship with Jennifer. Was it because her hands were bigger? Did she demand a non-disclosure and pre-nup? No, according to sources, it was because of the company she keeps. Paul is said to have ended things because she hangs out in a crowd where drugs are fairly commonplace, and he felt it would risk his recovery to linger in that atmosphere. Note that nothing was said about whether Jen partook in any of the alleged drugging, but we all remember that little lawsuit with the photographer.

The official line was that Jen sued the photog for invasion of privacy because she was shot topless. The unofficial buzz was that she was also shot toking a little toke there. To be honest, she looks way too healthy to be a partyer in the Spears-Lohan league, so maybe this is just a line of hooey meant to distract from the real issue: Jen has been a mess since her marriage to Brad ended. Plain and simple, she's never been right. I don't know if she's still burning baby dolls on the beach, but her hostile behavior and amazing ability to chase away suitors are not the behavior of a happy, well-adjusted woman.