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Gridlock Alert: Madonna Is Moving Rocco And David To New York 31.Jan.2009

What's mine is mine and what's yours is mineWow. I was surprised when I read this. I really thought she'd let Guy keep Rocco in London so he could go to the same school and all. But what Madonna wants, Madonna gets. And she wants to get back to New York. It's been too long.

I guess that means that Guy will be buying that New York apartment after all. There's been no word on visitation schedules but I'm sure they'll work it around their respective schedules. Right now Guy's still shooting Sherlock Holmes in various locations, and Madonna just announced the European dates for her Sticky & Sweet tour, so the kids are probably spending most of their time with nannies.

I hope these two can keep the animosity out of the children's lives. All three of them look to be exceptional kids, and divorce is hard enough without warfare. Lourdes has been looking fabulous lately. She's definitely got her mom's sense of style. Rocco is his dad's spitting image, right down to the adorable smirk. And let's not forget little David Banda, who nobody really knows yet but is a cutie nonetheless. Guy and Madge are very lucky to have them.