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Haters! Star Magazine Brands Angelina A Jealous, Cunning Liar 06.May.2009

You people really suckWhat did she ever do to them except not give them the time of day, ignore their very existence. But surely she could not be expected to do otherwise after being treated like this and this and this.

But don't blame Star; they're just the messenger for folks like Andrew Morton, who wrote the famous biography of Princess Diana. Morton is said to be hard at work on exposing Angelina's seedy side, including stories about how she seduced her mother's boyfriend before leaving home at 16.

Also planning to dish some dirt is a former bodyguard who claims to have the deets on Angie's affair with "one of the biggest names in rock."

Of course whether these books make it to publication remains to be seen. Morton has a solid track record so my money's on him. The bodyguard may be subject to a nondisclosure or confidentiality agreement, though. If so, he doesn't stand a chance against their lawyers.